How to Carry an Injured Person by Yourself for First Aide

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To carry an injured first-aid patient over a long distance, place their arms over your shoulders. Be prepared to transport an injured friend or family member by watching the safety tips in this free first-aid video from a professional fireman.

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Video Transcript

You know, when you're by yourself or with another person that incurs an injury of any type, moving that individual or carrying that person, over long distance, could be a time consuming labor intensive tedious process. Hi, I'm Captain Joe Bruni, and what we're going to talk about is how to pick a person up that is injured that cannot walk on there own to transport them over a long distance. Basically, we're going to take the individual and bend their legs up so that their feet lie flat on the floor. Stand with the front of your feet over the top of their feet, you're going to reach down, grab the persons wrists, and stand them up, while you're turning counterclockwise or clockwise, at the same time. So, we would pull, raise the person up and turn and place the victims arms over your shoulders so you can carry them, sort of in a backpack fashion. Simplest and easiest way to carry somebody injured that needs transported over a long distance. I'm Captain Joe Bruni, stay safe and we'll see you next time.


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