How to Use a Tap & Die Set

Using a tap and die set creates threaded holes and threaded bolts that can be used in wood working and manufacturing. Make or repair bolts and fit them into custom-threaded holes by using a tap and die set like an experienced builder with the instructions in this free video on carpentry tools.

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Video Transcript

Tap and dies for making threaded holes and threaded rods. I'm Robert Markey. I've been doing construction for many years and we're going to talk about the use of tap and die. Basically a tap is threaded thing, tool, which will take a hole that we drill and turn it into a threaded hole so you can put a bolt in it. The die is the opposite. It takes a rod and creates a thread so it turns it into a bolt. Make sure that when you go through this hole here you want to make sure that your hole drilled is appropriate to the size at which usually a tap and die set will give you the drill sizes for any of the taps and put a little bit of oil on it and let's do one here and take the handle and we turn it. Keep it pretty straight and there you have it. You can also use this if you have a nut that has got bad threads that got damaged. You can use this to refurbish them. With the die you make a bolt out of this fat nail here and you put some oil on it and you start the die and again the trick is to keep it as straight as you can and we have now turned our nail to a bolt. I don't know if we used the same size but there we have it. I'm Robert Markey and we've been talking about tap and die.


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