Natural Cures for Getting Rid of Fleas on a Bunny

Natural cures to get rid of fleas in bunnies and pets can sometimes be as harmful as other chemicals, but flea medication and eucalyptus oil can make a flea-free home. Keep bunnies and other pets safe from fleas with tips from an expert gardener in this free video on pest control for pets.

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Video Transcript

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment, we're going to talk about natural cures to get rid of fleas on a bunny. So we all love our pets. And, whether it's hamsters or bunnies, or kitties or dogs, whatever you have, when you have pets, a lot of times you have fleas. And so there's different methods to get rid of the fleas, and we all want to use natural methods. And the problem with a lot of the natural methods, is we're finding out even though they're natural, they can still be very, very dangerous. For example, pyrethrins, that's made from chrysanthemums, they're used in a lot of dog and flea powders. And, a lot of people use them in the baths and the shampoos. And now the study has just came out and they found out, that women that were pregnant that used any kind of pyrethrin flea ridding kind of soap on their dogs and cats, when they had their children, they had twice as much of a chance of having children with autism. And they're directly relating that to the high levels of pyrethrin. So they're finding that can be dangerous. And then also, they're finding that anything that you're using on your animal that is any kind of pyrethrin, in the end you're trying to protect your pet from fleas, they're finding that eucalyptus oil works really well. You don't want to put it right on your bunny, but if you put some eucalyptus oil on their bedding or underneath their bedding or near their pen, a lot of times the fleas will leave that area because they do not like eucalyptus. But you've got to be careful too with using eucalyptus on, or oil, right on your animals. Especially when they're small, like a bunny. And in the end, they're finding that, any kind of the shots or the little pills that you can give to your animals to stop them from getting fleas, if you use a small dose or the different doses for kittens, a lot of times that will work for your bunny better than using the adult size leveled medicines. There's no easy way to get rid of the fleas naturally. And, you can ask your vet for your vets recommendations. And the eucalyptus in the bedding and in the areas, and keeping the areas clean constantly is about your best bet. Because in the end, you want your bunny to be healthy, and you don't want to use chemicals whether they're natural or not.


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