How to Repel Ticks on Humans

To repel ticks on humans, cover as much exposed skin with clothing, coat the skin with fragrant oils to prevent tick bites and run tick-exposed clothing through the dryer on the highest temperature setting. Prevent exposure to ticks while spending time in heavily wooded areas with information from a sustainable gardener in this free video on gardening.

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Video Transcript

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen. In this segment we're going to talk about how to repel ticks on humans. Now ticks have been around for a long time and if you've ever been camping or ever been in the woods, you know what it feels like to have ticks or seen ticks and they're just these little bugs that grab onto you and they just have really sharp teeth and they just burrow their selves into your skin. Now they put off an enzyme that actually breaks down your skin tissue. So it really hurts. So the first thing that you can do to repel ticks or stop ticks from becoming a problem is make sure and cover your entire body when you're out in the woods. So make sure you have real thick boots on, nice thick pants on, socks and you have coat and everything is covered. And the few parts that are exposed, make sure and cover yourself with oil, whether it's baby oil, any type of vegetable oil or olive oil or lavender oil or any type of herb, they don't like any thyme or any kind of real hot spice, cayenne pepper, Tabasco pepper, lot of times lemon or lime will work as well. Whatever you can do to put a barrier between yourself and stop the ticks from seeing you. And basically you're just stopping the ticks from seeing you as human because the ticks and bugs can feel the carbon coming out of your body, they have a sensor, so if you cover your body you don't have carbon going out, they won't attack you. So that's your number one goal is to make sure that you cover yourself up. And if you do go in the woods, even if you are covered up, the second you get in the house throw all of your clothes into the dryer and put it at the highest level because you want to kill any ticks that have gotten onto your clothes. Because even if you get home, the chances are you throw it through the washing machine, those ticks are going to get out, they're going to get into the house. So you want to throw all your clothes into the dryer on high for just 20 minutes and it'll kill every single tick in your clothes and that's a good way to get rid of them and protect yourself. And if you do find any ticks on your body or you find that they're trying to get into your skin, there's all types of tales that you burn them off or you can put oil on them or you can do anything to any kind of chemical on them to get rid of them, but in the end, the best thing that you can do is actually take a pair of tweezers and really dig deep to where the head is, you want to get those teeth and pull them out. And you don't want to break it off inside your body at all. Some people swear by taking a match and not lit match, but a hot match and touching them and that will stop them and they'll turn around and others say that that's dangerous because they could actually leave some more of the poison in your body by breaking them off. But either way you try to remove that tick from your body and make sure and use all types of antibiotic type of ointment because you don't want that to become infected. So really if you use these types of protections and make sure that your body is always covered up and the parts of your body that aren't covered up, you've got some kind of oil on it, you can become really protected from the ticks.


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