How to Repel Skunks

To repel skunks, remove pet food or garbage from the outdoors, block off crevices underneath the house and consistently chase them away from the property. Keep skunks at a distance with information from a sustainable gardener in this free video on gardening.

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Video Transcript

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we are going to talk about how to repel skunks. Now skunks are nocturnal, they come out at night. So a lot of times you don't even know that they are there until one day you open the front light, porch light and you see them outside. And the reason that they usually hang out of your house, is because you are feeding them. So number one reason you have skunks, is cause you are feeding them. So if you are putting cat food outside or dog food outside, don't do it. Because that's why they come close to your house. If you have garbage that they can get into, that's what they are coming for. Make sure and get rid of all the food sources and you can get rid of your skunks. Next they like to make their homes underneath trees or under the house or underneath the wood pile or in a bunch of thickets and so if you got areas like that, try to remove them. Cause that's where they are going to live. So if you've got skunks then they are hanging out in an area where you are giving them a home. So if you get rid of their home, you get rid of the skunks. So saying that if you got them in the neighbor's area in the neighbors yard and you can't control their situation, they are coming to your property you can always set boundaries. Whether putting up a fence or you can sprinkle any type of spice in the area they are coming through. Whether it's cayenne pepper or Tabasco pepper, red hot chili pepper, salt and pepper or curry, a lot of times they don't like the smell. So if they are coming to an area and you just sprinkle that whole area with the spice, a lot of times they won't come back again because they don't like that spice at all. You can always do watch out too, and if you see them coming to your area and it's at night, you just spray them with the hose, you do it enough times it scares them away. They get really irritated. You can always have automatic sprinklers set up or you can blast them with any kind of loud noise and that scares them as well. The skunks are really smart animals and they'll keep trying to come back over and over and over again. So if you get rid of the food, you get rid of the water then you'll find that you'll get rid of the skunks as well.


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