How to Repel Chickens

Repelling chickens can be done by chasing them off the property on a regular basis, building a fence around the area or sprinkling strong-smelling spices around a perimeter. Avoid chicken-related damage to a lawn and garden with information from a sustainable gardener in this free video on gardening.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this section we're going to talk about how to repel chickens. So chickens are grown domestically so people usually keep them in a cage. But a lot of times the chickens go wild and they get loose or you may live in the country where the chickens migrate from the neighbor's yard over to your yard and they do total devastation on your garden and they can cause a lot of damage to your yard too. So how do you repel the chickens how do you get rid of chickens? Well there's really no way to actually totally get rid of them but you can, there's a few tricks that you can use just to stop them from coming further in to your yard. And first of all, just chasing them with a hose works really well. It'll make them mad and they'll tell all the other chickens not to come near your house because they'll be chased with a hose. You don't want to ever hurt any animal but if you chase them with a hose it does chase them away. Saying that, as soon as you go back in the house they're going to come or as soon as you leave they're going to come back. Building a fence really works, so putting netting over the area because they're not going to get through that netting in to your plants. That always works really well. But a trick that I found for most wild animals especially rabbits and chickens or any kinds of birds, is putting spices where they're a problem. There's all types of spices that work really well. So if they're in your flower beds just sprinkle your flower beds with cinnamon or you can use garlic and pepper and salt works really well. Any kind of mixed spice that has paprika or cayenne pepper works really well. Curry powder works really well too. So the chickens might go in to that area but it'll burn their little feet and they don't like the smell. So they usually will avoid and area. A lot of times too if you can put some lemon juice or cut up lemons in to little pieces and put them in that area, they might try to eat it but it's really sour. And so they don't like the smell too of a lot of the limes or lemons and that seems to help too. Just regular pepper works really well too. That stops a lot of the chickens from coming in to that area. You can't really repel the chickens from a large area because generally they will keep trying and trying to come back. But just by maybe using automatic sprinklers or hosing them when they come near you, or putting spices anywhere that they're traveling in to, that will stop them from coming any closer. So chickens are not our enemies, so you just set boundaries for them and you can find that you can live together naturally.


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