How to Repel Canadian Geese

Repelling Canadian geese involves consistently chasing them away to create an inhospitable environment, hanging old CDs in the trees to disorient them and sprinkling strong-smelling spices around the property. Keep pesky Canadian geese of the property with information from a sustainable gardener in this free video on gardening.

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Video Transcript

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to talk about how to repel Canadian Geese. Canadian Geese are beautiful birds. They're magnificent and they fly in a V in the Northwest every Spring we watch them fly North to Canada and every Fall we watch them fly South to Mexico to warmer areas and they stop along the way and so they can take over any wetland area especially and apparently like in 1970 there were very few Canadian Geese in the whole United States and through protection we have now got hundreds of thousands of them so they are almost becoming such a great population that it is becoming a problem so there really only is one way to repel the Canadian Geese and it is just like repelling any other wild animal, just chase them away so whether you are using loud noise or just take a hose and spraying the hose at them, just chase them away. If you keep doing that a lot of times eventually they will leave your area. Outside of that there is not a lot that you can do to repel them. They love wet areas so if you have a wet area on your property you can try to fence it. So to repel Canadian Geese there are different things that you can do so you can chase them away with a hose or loud noises or hanging CD's from the trees sometimes helps and sometimes the lights and the prisms scares them a bit but they're smart. They're really smart so they get used to it really quickly. So another trick I have found if they are in an area in your front yard by sprinkling any kind of spice in that area too they don't like the smell and a lot of times it will keep them out of a certain area. You can use cloves. You can use pepper. You can use salt. You can use cinnamon. You can use paprika. You can use any kind of cayenne pepper, red hot chili peppers and if there is a certain area where the Canadian Geese are congregating and you want to keep them off of your lawn for example by sprinkling some of these items in there it might slow them down if anything else. I think having wildlife is a good thing because that means that we can try to cohabitate together in the future and we can still have animals and keep them on our planet so I never try to hurt any animals ever. If you still have a problem with Canadian Geese you can always call your local Department of Agriculture and they have got lots of different advice and they might even come trap some of them if there is a huge number of them in your area.


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