How to Kill Raccoons

The only humane way to fill raccoons is by contacting a professional pest control company who will trap the animal and destroy it or release it back to the wild. Avoid trying to kill raccoons and simply trap and release them with information from the owner of a pest control business in this free video on home pest control and management.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Jim Harmon, California Pest Management, we're going to talk about how to kill a raccoon. This question has been asked and unfortunately releasing them into the wild is your best way to go, don't try to kill them. Unless you can do it in a very humane manner, that they're not going to suffer and that they won't be hurt and you're guaranteed that's not going to happen, not many people have the expertise to know how to do that. Carbon monoxide is one of way, but unfortunately the animal starts screaming right before death, so it's not a comfortable way for an animal to die. Shooting them is not an option, especially in a suburban setting either. If you have to get rid of the raccoons and you're not sure how to do it yourself, get a professional pest control company, animal handling company, and let them remove the animal and take it way far away from your home and release it back into the wild. Unless an animal has to be destroyed it's best not to.


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