Basic Tractor Maintenance

Maintaining clean fluids and oil filters are the two most important issues in tractor maintenance. Get basic tractor maintenance tips in this free video on tractor maintenance.

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Video Transcript

Okay we want to talk just a little bit about basic maintenance on a tractor, and obviously maintenance is a big issue. But we want to touch on some of the fundamental tools of the trade and things that you need to know. Socket wrench, grease gun, and then clean fluid and filters are very important. That's probably the single most important thing you can do on a diesel tractor is make sure you got clean fluid and filter. So here we've got an oil filter, air filter, and fuel filter. This will vary depending upon the tractor so refer to your manual or your dealer, but for our tractors we recommend changing these three filters and the fluid associated with them every hundred hours. One hundred hours. Your fuel filter you'll see is visible through this clear site glass it allows you to see any water or sediment that's getting trapped in the bowl here. Your air filter on this tractor is right here, that's something you may want to take out a lot more frequently than every one hundred hours, and blow it out if it's got some dust on it. But at least every one hundred hours or once a year you'll want to change that out for a clean filter. And then your engine oil, which the filters visible on this side of the tractor, but it's very similar to this. Again you'll want to change that at least every one hundred hours with for this tractor a diesel grade engine oil, 15W40 is the most common grade. And the proper new filter. There's a lot more to it, but those are the fundamentals. On a diesel tractor they're much lower maintenance than a gasoline engine machine. And if you just keep those fluids and filters cleaned, keep all your pivot points lubricated, you're going a long way toward keeping your tractor in tip top shape.


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