How to Sew a Slip Stitch

The slip stitch, or blind hem, works on hems and is almost invisible on both sides. Learn to hand sew slip stitches from a fashion designer in this free sewing video.

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Video Transcript

This next hemming technique, hemming stitch, is called a slip stitch, or a blind hem. And what's unique about this one is that you can get it to be almost invisible on both sides. On the front side and on the back side. So once again what we want to do is start inside of our hem. Put the--and then, we're going to go right up next to it, pick up a thread or two, on--above the--above the fold. And then we go right back down, and then the needle kind of follows that fold, so it hides in that fold. And then right above it--right above it, we pick up a thread or two again. And then, right below it, we want to go back into that--that fold. So I'm taking up my--I'm moving lengthwise as I'm in that fold, not while I'm on the outside, and that's going to--that's the trick to keeping it invisible, or blind. And then right above it, once again picking up a few. Okay. And then right below it, go drop your needle into that fold, and then move along lengthwise through that fold. Whoops. And, so there we go. What you're going to have is, as you can see, you have it stuck together, but you can't really see thread very much here, and you can't see thread on the other side. And that's the goal, that's the blind hem.


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