How to Cross Stitch

When sewing a cross stitch always point the needle to the left. Learn to hand sew cross stitches from a fashion designer in this free sewing video.

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Video Transcript

This next stitch is called a cross stitch, and one of the rules with this stitch is you always want to go with your needle going towards the left. To the left, to the left, to the left. So, again, if this is your hem, and this is the inside, and this is the outside, then you want to start by putting your needle inside of the fold of the hem. There is where you're going to start. And then, like I was telling you before, pick up just a couple of threads, moving your needle to the left, and then moving down and pick up a couple of threads here--or you can kind of go into that fold, you can pick up more threads. And then you pick up a couple of threads going up here, and then moving down, pick up a couple of threads down the hem. Then again, pick up a couple of threads up here. Moving down. Can you move your hand a little? Yeah, mm-hmm. And then pick up a couple threads, and then it's just that repeat. So you're going to have--it's going to zigzag a bit, and this is good because it offers a little bit of flexibility. You know, with the zigzag you have room for the fabric to stretch a bit.


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