How to Make Christmas Bows

Christmas bows are easily made using wire ribbon, which can be manipulated and bent to create a perfectly tied bow on a present. Snip the ends of the bow into an inverted V with helpful tips from a professional caterer and event coordinator in this free video on Christmas decorations.

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Video Transcript

Now I'm going to show how to make the perfect Christmas bow. I've got a couple of different kinds of ribbon here, I've got some of that ribbon with the wire at the end to make it very flexible, and just some other nice ribbons, and I got a box here that I'm going to tie the ribbon around. The first one I'm going to show you is with the wire ribbon, this kind of ribbon makes it really easy to make a nice bow. Just wrap it around whatever you want to make or if you want to make a free standing bow you can do that. You're going to start just like you're tying any bow, pull it nice and tight, and then what you're going to do is you're going to make one loop and just hold em together with your fingers and then take the other piece of ribbon, wrap it around and then push it through the middle part and pull it out. Now the reason that the wire ribbon makes it really easy is because since you stays wherever you put it once you've got the ribbon actually tied you can move things around to get it how you like it, and it's a lot easier to make that bow look really nice because of that wire at the end. So we've got a nice simple bow, and you can finish the ends however you like. This one I'm going to make that V cut just by folding it in half and cutting at an angle, this makes a nice V at the end of a ribbon. Or you can even do it the other way around, like you can see I've done on this ribbon to give the ribbon a point at the end. Alright now I'm going to show you how to make a bow using regular ribbon without the wire, it's a little more difficult, you're going to still approach it the same way you just have to be a lot more precise where you put the ribbon. Alright so I'm going to start with ribbon around the box and I'm going to start just making that simple tie and pulling it nice and tight. I'm going to make one loop and hold em together and use my one finger to hold that tight, wrap it around. I want to make sure that the ribbon stays nice and flat so that it'll form a really nice even around the middle and I'm going to pull the ribbon through, I want to make sure that the two sides of the ribbon are just folded over like that instead of twisted around each other and again pull tight. Now you'll notice that one piece of the leftover ribbon is going out one side of the bow whereas the other piece tends to go out the opposite side. So what you want to do is hold it in the middle and pull that down a little bit so that way the ends of your ribbon are coming out the same side, tighten it up and then cut off your extra, and again you can finish it however you like. This one I've just done a little angle cut to finish it off and then we have our nice ribbon bow. Alright, and that is how you make a perfect Christmas bow. Thanks and have fun.


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