How to Install an Air Filter in a Furnace

Installing or replacing an air filter in a furnace is important to keep the air in the home allergen- and pollution-free. Find the right size, vacuum out the interior, and change it out often with information from a professional house cleaner in this free video on housekeeping.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rachel Yatuzis and I'm going to show you how to install an air filter in a furnace. Hopefully you're changing the air filter and not just installing it, but obviously if your furnace is brand new or your home is brand new, you are installing an air filter. Reasons for doing this would be if someone in your home has asthma or allergies, you want to do this quite often. I would say at least once every three months, maybe mores often. It also depends on what brand of air filters you use. You want to use some that are a little more pricey. They're going to last longer and they're going to work better. The whole point of these is to eliminate indoor air pollution, anything from skin ska, skin cells to dust mites to pet dander, pet hair. These are things that are being filtered out of the air in your home and makin' it nice and healthy for you and your family to breathe in. This is what the air filter looks like. They come in different sizes and different shapes. Figure out what size you need before you go to your local home improvement store because otherwise you're going to get there and be overwhelmed and not realize what size you need and come home with the wrong size and then you gotta go back and exchange it, or you know, measure your, measure your furnace first. Kay, open up just like so and you just pull the old one out and you will see...close this up really quick...this one was in the correct way. There's an arrow on the top of your air filter that will say air flow and it's pointing. You want that arrow to point towards the wall. That means it goes in this way. It may look like it's going in backwards, but that's the way it's meant to go in and this new one, as you can see, it has the same instructions on there, so another thing you want to remember is to clean the grate that's on the outside of your furnace. What I do is when I'm vacuuming and I have the extension off, I go on and vacuum it you know, from the outside. But while you're changing the filter, go on and grab your vacuum, we'll sit this aside for one second, and use the extension and vacuum all the dust and stuff off of the grate right there. This is another way to keep your home really, really healthy and keep everybody allergen free. Try to remember when you've changed this last. Put a reminder, if you want to, write the date with a marker or a pen, on your new filter. Write the date that you put it in, so if you want to know how long it's been in there or if you need to change it, you can look and see what date you replaced the filter and know if you need to go get another one or not. Remember, it's every three months at least, and that will keep your house nice and safe. I'm Rachel Yatuzis and that is how you change an air filter in a furnace.


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