How to Get a Plumber License

In order to get a plumber's license, a person must complete an apprenticeship program, which is typically a four-year session of on-the-job training. Learn about the written exam that plumbers must pass in order to obtain a license with help from a plumber and HVAC tech in this free video on plumbing.

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Video Transcript

If you are interested in trying to obtain a plumber's license it might sound easier than what it really is. There is a process involved with this which in most states they like to call it an apprenticeship program. In the state of Illinois which is where I obtained my plumber's license, they require four years on the job training. Without four years on the job training you have no chance. Now upon finishing your four years of training they are going to make you go take a written exam, a hands on project exam which requires you to receive a 75% grade to pass this test. Without passing this test you will not obtain your license and you have no chance of being a plumber. Now other states may be a little bit different but I'm just going on the state of Illinois code and it is not as easy as it sounds, a four year apprenticeship program. Now upon this program your first two years of your apprenticeship you are required to be with a licensed plumber full time. There is no reason whatsoever should you be without your license plumber. Now after you finish your first two years of your program they allow you to work on your own periodically with the exemption of your licensed plumber checking up on you daily. Now when you finish with all of this you take your exam, you're a licensed plumber, and you are good to go.


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