Gas Water Heater vs. Electric Water Heater

When deciding between gas and electric water heaters, it's important to consider whether a home has the capabilities to support an electric water heater. Discover how to vent a gas water heater properly with help from a plumber and HVAC tech in this free video on water heaters.

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Video Transcript

I'm sure if you are watching this most likely you are a home owner. And through times of owning a house, you are going to run into a problem when you are not getting no hot water no more. When you go to buy your new hot water heater you've got an option whether you want to go with an electric hot water heater or a gas powered hot water heater, you've got a couple of different options. If you're thinking about going with electric what so ever, make sure that you have the options to be able to do this. An electric hot water here is going to take two hundred and twenty volts coming from your electrical panel. So you're going to have to have room in your electrical box, your circuit breaker and then the cost and your wire to run to your hot water heater. This is going to have to the be the electrical wire rated to run this hot water heater. This right here is a gas powered hot water heater. Now once again, if you are going from electric to a gas hot water heater, you want to make sure you are going to be able to vent this hot water heater properly. This one right here is an eighty percent efficient hot water heater. Which means twenty percent of your heating is going out the roof. If you don't have a chimney, then this hot water heater is not going to work. This is designed to vent out the roof of your house through an approved chimney. The only option you may have if you do not have a chimney is they have a ninety percent efficient hot water heater, which got the power vent built in with a fan, which also is ninety percent efficient. And it vents all your fumes out the side of your house through a PVC pipe. Now a couple of different things that you have to look at when you are deciphering whether you want to go with a gas hot water heater or an electric hot water heater is the size of your family. You know if you are running five, six person family you may not want to look into an electric so much, because the recovery time on these are not near as good as a gas powered one. This is gas powered, but I'm just saying if electric versus gas I would say gas is better if you've got more people. Now if you've got a family of two to three people, and you're running a forty gallon electric hot water heat, you are most likely have more than enough not water to provide for your whole family. An electric hot water heater is also one hundred percent efficient, because you are not losing none of your heat off the roof. Me personally, I've got a five person family so I run off of gas. But, it's always going to be one of those measure where you have to decide on your own, if you've got the proper things to run a gas hot water heater through a chimney, or if you want to spend the extra money to go through the power vent, that might be your best idea. And if you have less people in your house, you may want to go with the electric.


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