Common Furnace Problems

The most common reason for furnace failure is a furnace filter that is dirty because the filter should be changed every three months. Discover how cold weather and snow can cause furnace problems with help from a plumber and HVAC tech in this free video on furnace problems.

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Video Transcript

There are some pretty basic furnace problems that people might run into every day. Some people might, some people will you never know what's going to happen but number one, the most reason for furnace failure is your furnace filter. This furnace filter is dirty and I can tap it, it's horrible. Ninety percent of the furnace problems that we run into is because of the furnace filter. Depending on what kind of house you live in, it might be an old house, dusty house, you live by a driveway, you are going to run into more problems as far as dust going through your house. If you live close to an alley or driveway you are probably going to want to replace your filter about every three months but depending. If you are in a regular house a newer house most likely you are going to replace your filter in the Spring time and once again right before heating season comes in the Fall time depending on where you live. Some of the other basic problems you run into with your furnace is if you live in the midwest like we are here in Illinois we are going to have snow problems, snow drifts. This here is a 90% furnace which means all your pipes ventilate to the outside of your house which means they are actually ventilating about 12 inches high from the ground on the outside of your house, 12 to 18 inches. Now if you get a big snow drift, high winds, all that snow built up, one of your other big problems may be that you have just go to clean out underneath them pipes and sweep that snow away so your furnace has room to breath. It has got to be able to have plenty of intake and plenty of exhaust where if them pipes get too fulfilled with snow or whatever there is a good chance that your furnace is going to run into a default, it is going to send you an air function and it is going to shut itself down. So there are two of your basic things that are going to happen when you are running with one of these 90% furnaces. It may be something you might want to check out.


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