Taking an Adult ADHD Test

When considering whether someone has adult ADHD, a professional will usually administer one or two basic tests, including a neuropsychological test that assesses many different areas of function. Find out how certain tests can give a professional a comprehensive view of a patient's behavior with help from a licensed mental health counselor in this free video on adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's John Bosworth. I'm a licensed mental health counselor in St. Pete, Florida. I'd like to talk a little bit about taking an adult attention deficit disorder test or an adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder test. Basically, the same thing. The ADHD refers to more of the impulsivity or the hyperactivity and not just the attention or the concentration problems. With an adult, as well as children, there are two basic tests that we can use from a mental health perspective and in a professional setting. That's the Bender Gestalt, which is a neurobehavioral, neuropsychological test which assesses many different areas of function...of functioning for the individual. And not only do we get a psychometric score, but the evaluator can also observe and watch how the person is being...you know, how they are interacting with the test itself, so they can observe drawings or how long it takes to complete a certain task. So the Bender Gestalt gives us a kind of comprehensive view not only of cognitive and attentional things, but neuropsychological and behavioral issues as well. And one of the things...one of the other testing instruments that I like to use is called a behavioral checklist. Then there's the Connor's rating scale, and there's some other ones. And there's some other ones actually on the Internet. If you click on ADD or ADHD, you'll see that there's a lot of different sites with different...with different testing instruments. But a behavioral checklist usually is completed by somebody that lives with you, either a spouse or a mother or a father or a boyfriend or a girlfriend, and maybe somebody in another setting like work or school. And what happens is you can...you can take those two behavioral checklists and kind of compare them and get a score or a more comprehensive picture of what...of what the person's going through, and if they're, indeed, as problems with attention deficit or hyperactivity. So you compile a couple of those testing instruments along with a...you know, a history and asking a lot of questions of people that interact with the person, and that's how we come up with, you know, some of the...some of the official diagnoses or actually taking the test. So I want to review: It's the Bender Gestalt is one way to take the test, the Connor's rating form or any behavioral checklist are...is another way of actually getting some important data. Those are ways of taking an adult or taking an adult attention deficit disorder or hyperactivity disorder test. My name is John Bosworth.


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