About the Dremel 100 Series Rotary Tool

The Dremel 100 series rotary tool is a great choice for any hobbyist metalworker, woodworker or glassworker, as there are hundreds of attachments to accommodate any project. Use the Dremel 100 series tool and attachments as a beginner with advice from a jewelry maker and gemologist in this free video on tools.

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Video Transcript

The question what is the Dremel 100 rotary tool? And this is the Dremel right here. The Dremel is in the hobbiest world for doing jewelry making and metal work. It is the replacement what a professional jewelry shop would use which is called a flex shaft unit up here. A Dremel, basically the difference is, a Dremel has the motor and everything all the workings of it attached in the hand piece where a flex shaft in a jewelry shop, the motor hangs high and then you just have the hand piece. It's basically a weight issue. But the Dremel is one of the best hand held rotary tools on the market. Hit the button and it turns on. And it spins at about 35,000 rpms and it cuts metal, it cuts wood, it cuts laminate, and it's one of the most useful all around tools on the market. But! With a Dremel 100, Dremel 100 has on/off. This unit I'm holding is the Dremel 300 and why i like the 300 over the 100 is if you'll listen it's got variable speeds. And the Dremel 300 has a flex shaft attachment just like in my shop.


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