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Teeth implants are used to restore a missing tooth in the mouth by placing a metal screw into the bone and putting a crown on top of it. Fix a single tooth or multiple teeth using implants with advice from a general dentist in this free video on dentistry and teeth implants.

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Video Transcript

A dental implant is another way to restore a missing tooth in the mouth. It's right now the most exciting one for most General Dentists because of the, the cosmetic features that it can offer as well as the functional demands that it can satisfy. We look at missing teeth and restoring them, several different ways. The one way is obviously using something removal such as a partial denture. We can also do what's called a bridge where we do crowns on the teeth that are around the adjacent space. And the implant is one where you actually restore the space independently body of the teeth. What actually goes on with an implant is a small metal screw, typically like a titanium-based material is placed into the bone and is literally screwed into the bone and once it's screwed in the bone, we typically let it heal for several months. Once it's healed, we'll go back later and we can put a crown over top of that. The nice thing about implants is it allows us to restore unlimitedly to those spaces. So implants can be great for one tooth, two teeth, fifteen teeth or the whole mouth can be restored with implants. Sometimes too, if someone comes in with an upper and lower denture that do not fit well, we can also use implants to enhance how a denture fits. So implants are a great way to fix as something as simple as one missing tooth to multiple teeth to also help aiding and making a denture more retentive in the mouth. They are typically placed by a surgeon such as an Oral Surgeon or Periodontist and typically the General Dentist will go in later and help restore with the crown or a bridge or help modify the partial set that it fits. But an implant is an excellent way to replace missing teeth.


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