How to Make Mexican Paper Flowers

To make Mexican paper flowers, layer several colors of paper on top of each other, fold the entire stack in a fan fold, attach them to a wire pip cleaner, and fan out the petals into a nice shape. Create Mexican paper flowers with instructions from a former middle school art teacher in this free video on paper crafts.

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Video Transcript

Today I'm going to show you how to make a paper tissue Mexican flower. This paper is 6x9 inches but you can decide what size you want, especially if you want bigger, maybe double it 12x18, really big flowers. About six to eight pieces every other color, or all the same color. And what you do is you take all the pieces simultaneously and do yourself a fanfold. So just back and forth until you get it completed. And then while you're doing this you should have a piece of wire or pipe cleaner, today we're going to use a pipe cleaner. And this is a little excess, but what I'll do is just tuck it in there so it's all in. and you take a pipe cleaner and you need it halfway down, so I've got it pre-bent, and you need to know where the middle is because that's where you want to do your wire or pipe cleaner. Put the fold on the top part, not on the side here, so you're going to be twisting it down at the bottom opposite what is the top because this would be your top. A few twists, just enough to hold it. And then you open your fan and you can pull them up. But what I'm going to do is give it a little decoration so before I fan it open I'm going to just take the end and kind of do a cut like that, just a little bit of a curve. And now you open your fan. And no, this is not the flower, you still have to puff it out. So you need to do one tissue at a time and bring it up to the center. Sometimes you have to get a little bit of moisture on the end of your finger to get a hold of the tissue paper, but please don't be surprised because you might get a little bit of that dye color on there. But it will come off. And you just keep bringing it forward. And sometimes I leave a little bit on the bottom so right now I'm going to leave that there and decide if that's exactly what I want. Same thing on the other side. And once you get these pulled up you can adjust them a little bit, or overlap them. Ripped that a little but it's okay. I'll start the other end here. And there you go your little Mexican paper flower. Have a good day.


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