How to Make Paper Fortune Cookies

Making paper fortune cookies is a great way to send a message to someone, and it can easily be done by cutting out a circle, attaching the two opposite sides and bending it slightly to get that crescent shape. Don't forget to add a fortune inside a paper fortune cookie with instructions from a former middle school art teacher in this free video on paper crafts.

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Video Transcript

I'm going to show you how to make some cool party favors, little fortune cookies. I find that the best size to use for tracing something, it'll depend on the size of the little fortune cookies you want. We're going to use a CD and you take and you trace around the outside edge. Please just remember unless you're going to make multiple ones don't put it in the center because you're going to waste your paper. So always start at the outside edge of your paper whenever you're tracing anything. And then, obviously, you're going to cut it out of your paper and try to stay on your line. And if the paper is too much for you to handle go ahead and like cut this out so that big part is out of your way. And then you should be able to concentrate a little bit better on following your exact line. So whatever is most comfortable for you, whatever works for you. Now once you have this cut out you're going to line up your outside edges and you're going to bring it in and you're just going to give it a little slight pinch okay? A little tiny pinch because you want to know where the center is. And then you're going to take a piece of double-sided tape and lay the tape the same way that you did that little crease. Now the crease is going this way, and so that's going to be the way that you start bringing it in. So you don't want to bring it in this way and follow the crease, you want to go opposite ends of the crease and you're going to bring it in. And then what you're going to do is bring your piece in like this. So before you close it up you can make yourself some little party favors, like this one says Have Fun, or little best wishes or something, and lay it inside here before you crease it and bring it down in so it stays, bring your fingers in and push because that's where your double-sided tape is. And there's your fortune cookie and you can make as many as you need for all your party favors. Thanks. Hope you had a great day. Have fun.


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