How to Make Paper Dolls


Paper dolls are made by folding a piece of paper in half several times, cutting out the shapes to make up half of the doll and opening up the paper to reveal a strand of paper figures. Make paper dolls, being careful not to cut out too much of the paper, with instructions from a former middle school art teacher in this free video on paper crafts.

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Video Transcript

I'm going to show you how to make paper folding dolls today. You can take 9x12 sheets of paper. Simply fold it in half lengthwise or hot dog way as some people call it. And you can hand cut, or I mean cut with scissors, or you can just press a little bit on the edge and it should be able to rip right down. I'm going to put that piece off to the side. And what we'll then use is this piece. Fold it in half, matching up your corners, crease, fold it half a second time, match up your corners and crease, and do it a third time, and crease. Now what you have to decide at this point is are you going to do a little girl or are you going to do a little boy? So just know which one you're going to go for and you're only going to do half of the body. You're only going to do half of the body. So I'm going to start with the leg and I'm going to cut an angle like this, and this will be the bottom of the foot. And then I want to bring a little bit of a toe around and bring it up, and I'm going to go about that high as the leg was, and I'm going to come out his way for the dress. You're going half of the body. I'm going to bring this up, kind of a little bit of a curve and bring this out for the arms because they're all going to be holding hands. Maybe give her a little bit of a shoulder. And you can do a simple round hand, or sometimes what I like to do is give her a little hair-do. So I'm going to give her a little bit of a flip and then bring this around to the very, very top. So this is basically half of the body. Now obviously when we open up that first fold this would be the whole little girl, but what's unique is she has come along with some other friends. And what you do is unfold your other two folds. Now if you'd rather have boys in here, you could do like every other one. What we'll do, I'll start with this first corner one, and I'll kind of trim off the dress, little skirt, and the little hair on either end. Be careful so you don't get the girl next to him. And go back and trim down that skirt. So I have a little boy and a girl. And I'll do the same thing on the next one. So you could have multiple. You can't really do this when you're first cutting, you'd have to cut them all as girls and then go back and trim them. Which isn't that hard to do, give a little haircut here and finish off, oops finish off the other side here. And now you can have girl, boy, girl. Thanks, have a great time.


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