How to Make Paper Claws

Paper claws can be made to accessorize a Halloween costume in a pinch, and they are made by folding a piece of paper into triangular pockets that fit tightly over each finger. Make paper claws with instructions from a former middle school art teacher in this free video on paper crafts.

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Video Transcript

We're going to show you how to take a piece of paper and make an extended claw. Taking a normal notebook size paper, 9 by 12, anything like that will work fine. You're going to bring it down to a point and crease it. Make sure you got nice strong creases and then you're going to bring this point that you just made down to the bottom of your paper so it will look like that. Next step is because you want to make this a complete square, you're going to bring this over and line it up with your fold on the inside. So keep a nice, strong corner there and crease it down. Little bit off, and crease it down. OK, and then what you do is turn it and fold it up. Now the next step is you want to put either a draw a line in there or if you're a good imaginer, know where the middle is, if you have a hard knowing where your down line is, you can take and put point to point and crease it so that now you know where that line is. But what you do is bring your right side down, this is the solid side because you don't have any flaps, this side here has all these kind of flaps so what you're going to do is a solid side, you only have two. You're going to bring this down following that line, it gets a little harder to crease because you're making the paper fatter, more thicker. Like that, turn it over one more time and it's very important for these to work to make sure these are all nice and tight. So it would look like that. Now you're going to take the left one, the one with all the open flaps and you're going to bring that down over this like that so it looks like this kind of a triangle. Make sure this is in pretty tight. Now picking it up with the longer point down, see this little pocket thing that's in here? You're going to need to tuck this flap down in there, so what I like to do is I take and fold this down just a little bit and then fold it back so I don't have so much to put in. And I'm going to push that open a little bit and then just tuck this down inside and crease it once again. Now I happened to of pre-made some and what you do is this little part, this is where you tucked, just kind of put your finger in and you go for the next one, and the third finger and get in the one we just made, you just guide it open a little bit and I'm done. Bye bye.


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