How to Make Paper Spinners

Paper spinners can be made from any rectangular piece of paper, and they begin by folding the paper in half and forming a parallelogram shape. Create paper spinners with instructions from a former middle school art teacher in this free video on paper crafts.

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Video Transcript

How to make a paper spinner. A 9 X 12 sheet of paper would work just fine. Take your paper and fold it in half and crease it and make a nice strong crease, maybe even flip it over and crease it the other way too, same fold just crease it on the back side. What you are going to do is then be able to turn it over with the crease up and you should be able to keep your hands down flat and you should be able to rip your paper just like that. Now you are going to take and fold this up to the edge and crease your fold, bring your top right corner down, whoops both pieces, bring them down to the edge of your fold, crease it, and then take the bottom left corner and bring it up to the top of your paper, make sure you are coming, have to turn this, make sure you come to your points of your paper. That is what you are going to be making like a parallelogram. Take the same thing with the second sheet of paper, taking the long way and folding the bottom length the long way to the top, crease it and we folded the top right down to the bottom edge, making sure it is a nice strong point, crease it, take the bottom left corner and bring it up to the top, make sure you have got that nice fine point. If you can't see it exactly turn your paper to the edge so you can guide it so you have a nice strong line for your point. So we have got two pieces just like this. They match. Now what you are going to do is put one vertical and lay the other one on top horizontal so it fits right in there, take your left piece and fold it in, take your right piece and bring it down. Make sure you crease well and take this one and bring it down. So you have got your last one. What's going to happen you are going to crease this up and tuck it inside the very first one that you did. So you are just going to help guide it in there and you want it to be in there real secure so you might have to wiggle it a little bit and push this guy back down and it should be like that. Now what you need to do is crease this up inside so to help it I am going to turn it over and it is going to be rather difficult, you don't need a strong sharp crease but just enough to give it an idea so it knows what it needs to be doing and what you are going to do is pinch it at the corners a little bit like this and on your fourth corner and there you have a spinner. Hope you have a great day and give it a try. Thanks.


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