How to Clean Black Mold

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Black mold is dangerous to breathe, so if black mold is seen anywhere besides a bathtub, it's advisable to call professionals to clean it. Find out how to clean black mold with a toothbrush, baking soda and vinegar with help from a professional house cleaner in this free video on black mold and cleaning tips.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rachel Yatuzis and I'm going to show you how to clean black mold. Black mold is so dangerous, and if you see some on your tub or something like that, that's normal. If you see black mold and it looks like it could be behind a wall or something like that, you need to call professionals, it's really bad for your health. To breathe that in, there's spores in the mold that can make you really sick. If you have kids or pets, it's just not something that you want to deal with, and it's a problem that you want to prevent before it ever happens, and I'll show you how to do that in a second. If you have black mold in your grout, or maybe in the caulk in your bathtub, you want to make a mixture, like a paste, of baking soda and vinegar, just like this right here. And have a clean toothbrush handy, and use this to scrub the mold. This is a really great abrasive cleaner. You can scrub just about anything with vinegar and baking soda. After you've done this, and you've removed the mold, you want to spray it with bleach water, I'd say once a month to prevent the mold from coming back. Bleach water will kill anything, and you really want to prevent it first. Because once you get it, you may not know how far back into your walls the black mold goes. I'm Rachel Yatuzis, and that is how you clean black mold.


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