How to Grow a Plum Tree From a Branch

Growing a plum tree from a branch can be done by cutting a 15-inch long pencil-width branch, dipping it into rooting hormone and planting it in composted soil. Keep the soil very damp to begin growing a tree from a branch with gardening information from a Florida plant enthusiast in this free video on fruit trees.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Charles Boning. I'm the author and illustrator of Florida's Best Fruiting Plants. We're here today at Jene's Tropicals in St. Petersburg, Florida to talk very briefly about how to grow a plum tree from a branch. Most commercial plums are done by budding, or propagated by budding, but it's quite possible to grow a plum from a branch, and essentially the way that you do it is this; during the winter, and it's important that the branch be taken during a dormant period of the plum, you take a branch from the tree that's about pencil sized. About fifteen inches in length, ten to fifteen inches in length and about a pencil size in diameter. You take that branch, you sever it at a diagonal with a grafting knife, and then you dip it quickly into rooting hormone. Then you place it in a planting medium composted of sphagnum moss and a sand mixture. And this should be kept very damp. Eventually the plant should take hold, the roots should grow, and you will have a plum tree from a branch. So, that's how to grow a plum tree from a branch. From Jene's Tropicals in St. Petersburg, Florida, I'm Charlie Boning.


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