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Many companies are willing to buy scrap metal, such as dental gold, but the profit will depend solely on the weight and composition of the product. Sell dental gold at a scrap metal company with information from a dentist in this free video on dental gold.

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Video Transcript

There are several different ways that one can sell dental gold, sell their teeth that are made of gold if they are interested in making a little bit of money off of them. Certainly one is contacting a company that deals with scrap metals. There are many many different companies out there on the internet that are willing to buy scrap metal. They will buy things like silver and certainly gold. What they typically require is you have to send the gold in either by mail or they will come visit and what they'll do is they will weigh the gold to see how much it weighs. They will base it on a couple different variables, certainly one being the composition of it. If it is a very lightweight gold and there is a lot of other metals in it, you are less likely to get as much money for it whereas if it is more higher percentage gold that will certainly play a favor into how much money you will receive for it. They will certainly also look at the weight because one gold tooth may weigh more so than another. For example if you are comparing gold for a front tooth versus gold for a back tooth, a back tooth is a lot bigger than a front tooth so you know that a back tooth is going to have more gold in it per say and for that reason it is going to be worth a lot more. So a scrap metal company is typically a good place to start if you are interested in selling any sort of precious metals such as silver or gold. All you have to do is go to the internet and google scrap metal or sell the gold and you should get multiple companies that are willing to do that. Another thing that we see is often times patients will come in and they will have something in their mouth that is already gold and they will like it replaced and often times what the dentist will do is they will go in and they will remove the gold crown or the filling or the gold tooth and they will actually give the remaining gold to the patient and then it is at the patient's discretion where the gold goes.


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