Sewing Tips: How to Thread a Sewing Machine

An expert seamstress shows how to properly thread a sewing machine in this free sewing video.

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Video Transcript

Hello! I’m Stephany of Stephany’s Simply Sewing. I’d like to take a moment to show you how to thread a sewing machine. You have 2 threads in your sewing machine. You have a bobbin, which goes on the bottom and you have your top thread. Let’s look at our bobbin. This is our bobbin case and we drop our bobbin into our bobbin case. There is a notch that goes in most of the time and we bring it through. This helps your tension for your bobbin. The next thing you do is, on the under side of your machine, you put your bobbin in like this. Consult your owner’s manual should yours be a little bit different. The way we do our top thread; we place our thread on out spindle, we go through a thread guide. All of these items will be similar no matter what machine you have. This is my tension, through another thread guide, this my take up lever, and I thread my take up lever. I have another thread guide. And thread guides do exactly what their names says; they guide the thread to keep it from being tangled. This is my hand wheel, and I make sure that my needle is in the highest position. I can tell that because my take up lever is at the top I can put my presser foot down so that I have easier access to my needle. How do you know which way to thread your needle? Some machines thread from the front and some thread from the side. If you run your fingernail along the side of your needle, you will feel a groove; it is that side that you thread from. Thread your needle, which may take a while if your eyes are old and tired like mine. Or you can always grab your needle threader, making sure that you’ve gone through. Raise your presser foot, and you put your thread between the toes of your presser foot. Then to bring your thread from the bottom, you simply turn your hand wheel towards you like a waterfall, one stitch and there’s your thread up through the bobbin hole. You are ready to sew. That is how you thread your sewing machine.


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