How to Build a Whirligig Out of Metal

Metal whirligig wind toy

Moderately Challenging


Things You'll Need

  • Metal
  • Pattern
  • Rod to put it on
  • Paint
  • metal cutting sheers
  • Screw and spacers to keep the blade loose enough for the wind to turn it.
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      Tapping the cut side of the metal to smooth edge of hole.

      Easy metal whirligig, use a soda can, you can cut strips of the can to make the blades of the whirligig. These are cheap and fast. The boy scouts make them for projects. Another way is to use the propeller blade to a model airplane for a pattern, or just use the already made prop. My choice would be to do that. I am not into cutting out metal and I am sure it would cost more in time and tools to do it than the project would be worth. Unless you are a metal craftsperson to start with. The blades must be separated so they don't bump into each other if you use more than one blade. So a large bead or piece of pvc pipe can be the separation between the blades. Then attatch the blades with a screw to the rod they will be spinning on.

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      After marking and cutting blades

      Using a can, mark off even spaced vertical lines around the can. Remove one end, and cut the marks down to the bottom of the can leaving about an half inch of can. Bend the blades so they stand out away from the can, making blades. Place this blade set onto the end of a can that is not cut, but threaded onto a coathanger that has one side removed. The bottom of the hanger is to hold the whirligig. You can put 2 of these on with a spacer in between. Use the top of the hanger to hold the whirligig wherever you want it to hung where wind will catch the blades.

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      Bead spacer on the back side of blade,

      Now for the best solution, making metal whirligigs could be fulfilling work if you have a sheet metal business. But I think the simple ones like children like to make are best. If you want designer then go to any of the many garden deco websites and look for your style. Country, patriotic, funky. It's all there. One particularly nice one is Street They are amusing, not to expensive, and colorful.

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      Whirligig wired and ready to go.

      A second can is added to back of blades behind the spacer bead. Anchor this can with some tape, and then drill a hole in post. Thread wire through the post and bend to secure cans in place.

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