How to Thread the Lower Looper of the Serger Sewing Machine

How to thread the lower looper on a serger sewing machine; learn proper technique and more in this free sewing video taught by an expert tailor.

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Video Transcript

My name is Neal Jones with A Perfect Fit Alterations and we’re at 102 Main Street in historic old town Burleson, Texas and our phone number is 817-447-3522. Continuing on the tour of our serger we are now going to look at threading the lower looper, in the last clip we did the upper looper and now we’re going to do the lower looper. Now the reason that we’re breaking these out and doing these loopers one by one is that this machine is kind of complex but if you break it down piece by piece and then put it all together it’s a lot less overwhelming than if you try to look at it and understand everything in the beginning. Now each looper has its job to do and the looper combines with the needle in order to create the stitch that we’re trying to do with the machine, now the lower looper has a couple of little complicated things that we need to look at. Again not to be too repetitive the machine has the tower here which enables the thread to be held high so that it comes cleanly off of the spool of thread, we’re going to follow through the guide device on the top, we’re going to through our tension disks again follow then through and actually we’re going to go through the same guide take up lever that we did with the yellow thread or with the upper looper. Now the difference is here that we’re going to run into is that in order to thread this looper the thread has to go in behind the looper and then come up, in this particular manufacturer has given us a little trick device that brings the guide forward for us and to enable us to thread it properly, so then we will take our thread through the different colored dots that would be corresponding with the color up here, we would then take the thread and put into the guide and we take this little lever right here at the bottom and flip it back into place and then the thread would then be where we can’t see it, it would come into the right place it would come along the looper there’s a groove in the looper right here it would go through the hole in the looper and then it would go back and join the chain stitch which is at the back of the machine.


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