How to Thread the Upper Looper on a Serger Sewing Machine

How to thread the upper looper on a serger sewing machine; learn proper technique and more in this free sewing video taught by an expert tailor.

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Video Transcript

My name is Neal Jones and I’m with A Perfect Fit Alterations, 102 Main Street in historic old town Burleson, Texas our phone number is 817-447 -3522. Continuing with our tour of the serger one of the most critical things and as from a service point of view when a serger comes in the biggest mistake that people make is in the threading and the threading can be a little confusing but in order to take some of that confusing out the manufacturers have color coded everything and for demonstration purposes we have color coded the thread so that we’re able to show you the easy ways to do this. In just the threading we have mentioned that we have loopers at the bottom of the machine, now a looper is a sharp ended device with a hole in it for the thread, it’s not actually a needle but it is much bigger than a needle but what it does is it connects with the needle and goes very, very close to it in order to let the thread connect at the bottom of the needle. Now in order to thread we would go to our threading chart on the front of the machine here and we would take the order in which the manufacturer has recommended, now of course you can always change this yourself once you become very familiar with your particular machine but in the beginning when you’re trying to familiarize yourself it would be much better to follow the manufacturers recommendations. On this one they’re recommending that we thread the yellow thread which is number one on our deal here first so we have our yellow thread very important to bring the thread high again to make a clean getaway from the spool, make sure that it doesn’t tangle, we’ll then go down through this is a very slightly spring loaded device right here which would be referred to as a thread guide, we will then come through this slot and drop in to the tension disks. Now there’s a spring loaded mechanism inside this thumb wheel here which would apply a certain amount of tension to the thread and these particular machines require that each one of the threads for certain operations would be of different tension, then we would adjust our tension, we would follow down through the slot, we would come drop down and then we would follow the colored dots on here to make sure that we’re into the right thread guides. Now some of these thread guides will turn out to be combination thread guides and take up levers, this particular one here this arm if you’ll see when I move the machine it goes up and down that enables the tension to be kept on this thread and the guide then follows through here, goes through our upper looper and then disappears into the chain of the back of the thread right here.


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