Installing the Bobbin in a Sewing Machine

Learn how to install the bobbin on a sewing machine and more in this free sewing video taught by an expert tailor.

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Video Transcript

My name is Neal Jones and I’m with A Perfect Fit Alterations, 102 Main Street, Burleson, Texas, our phone number is 817-447-3522. After we’ve wound our bobbin at the top of the machine, we will then remove the bobbin from the winding mechanism and we will start to take it and put it where it needs to go. First we’ll remove the transparent bobbin cover, now there are several reasons why that’s transparent, it’s okay to have different dimensions on it which we’ve talked about, it has a diagram of how to install the bobbin into the bobbin housing. Now the other reason why that is transparent is that if we run out of bobbin thread while we’re sewing then the stitches will not come together and we are then have to start our sewing all over again and we’ve wasted our time. So the reason this is clear is so that we can at a glance to tell how much thread we have on our bobbin, now of course the brighter colors are easier to see through there but we can still see the white fairly well. Now the bobbin casing has an adjustment over here which primarily is for a technician to adjust, if you have a very adventurous sewer, they may be able to make a slight adjustment but the only thing that goes wrong with this area is that the thread, if you look at it under a microscope, is actually very hairy and some of that as it goes through the tension area tends to deposit in those areas so we would maybe get some lint and thread caught down in that area. Now we load the bobbin so that it unwinds coming onto the first slot, we will take the bobbin and pull it over onto this side and then there’s another slot right there and it would go into that slot, then we will take the bobbin casing cover and replace the cover and that is the total of installing the bobbin. As we get into more threading, we will go into the next step from there.


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