Winding the Bobbin on a Sewing Machine

Learn how to wind the bobbin with a sewing machine and more in this free sewing video taught by an expert tailor.

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Video Transcript

My name is Neal Jones and I’m with A Perfect Fit Alterations, 102 Main Street, Burleson, Texas, our phone number is 817-447-3522. Continuing on with our machine, after we have been over the controls of the machine, it’s very important to put the pieces together to be able to sew. One of those pieces that’s very important is the bobbin, now the bobbin, generally speaking, unless you’re doing some kind of sewing that requires a different type of pattern, you would use the same thread that you sewing the garment with, you would use it for the bobbin and for the top of the thread. So what we would have to do is get those matched together, now the machine has a mechanism to be able to do that. In the top of the machine, at the back here, we have a bobbin winding mechanism and here is an empty bobbin, so what we would do we would place that empty bobbin casing onto the bobbin winding mechanism, we would then have thread attached to this spool pin here, we would run the thread over this guide here. Now this guide has dual purpose, this guide is spring loaded so that it puts tension onto the thread so that the bobbin in wound correctly, then we would take the bobbin mechanism and slide it over to one side and that would do several things. As you slide that over, it would then disengage the rest of the machine, so that while the machine were turning over, it wouldn’t be sewing up and down, it would be just this part that would be rotating, so that would automatically engage the bobbin winding mechanism and disengage the rest of the machine. Now it is very important to keep the bobbin thread tension, this is a poorly wound bobbin here and this bobbin is very soft and as this unwound itself in the bottom of the machine, it would tend to tangle, so this would be a rejected one that was not put on properly. Now we will then take our thread, put it on the spool here making sure that it doesn’t bind anywhere, we put it underneath the tension pad, bring it over, put it through a small hole in the bobbin right here, this other slot over here is to engage into the bobbin winder to make sure that it doesn’t spin on that shaft. We would put that thread through there, snap it into place, and then we’d be ready to wind the bobbin.


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