Choosing Jars for Bath Salts

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Find the perfect jar for your bath salts! Learn how to make natural bath salts to turn you home into a spa in this free video covering herbal holiday gifts.

Part of the Video Series: Holiday Spa: Herbal Remedies and Gifts
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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Nili Nathan. You're watching my series on how to make your own spa products at home for the holidays. Okay dudes don't click that mouse, alright because this is not just a chick video. You're going to get a lot of kudos from that special lady in your life when you present her with a beautiful bath salt or bath oil that you made all by yourself. Okay? It's going to delight her and it's going to delight you as well. So stay with me. Alright, the first thing you're going to need to get started here are your jars. Now, I went to an arts and crafts store and I bought some of these beautiful little jars right here. But you can use an ordinary jelly or mayonnaise jar. That's fine. Just make sure that you clean it and it's nice and dry before we get started. Oh, let me show you this. This one's really cool, too. This is really for spices. But I like putting bath salts in here because it has this device, you can pour it, and the ladies love that. It's very handy you can just pour it in there or you can shake it if you don't want to use too much. And you just tie a simple golden ribbon around it. Al l right? Now even if you have two left hands in the kitchen I promise you guys, when you're done, you will learn and you will know how to make this. Okay. So next we'll have to pick our salt. There are a few different types of salts you can pick. You'll probably find this right in your kitchen cupboard. Kosher salt, which is nice, it has a thicker coarseness which adds texture. Also rock salt is really cool to get. It looks really good in the jars or your ordinary sea salt and if you can find some Epsom salt, that is excellent. It has therapeutic properties in it for tired and sore muscles. But I'm going to use sea salt for this demonstration. So, what you do is you simply pour the salt into the jar like so. You can actually mix it up if you want to. You can add some rock salts in there, some kosher salt. Give it a nice textured look.


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