How to Make a Pop-Up Heart Card: Part 1

The best handmade cards and envelopes! Learn how to make a creative pop-up heart card from scratch in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Now we're going to do a heart pop-up card. We're going to start with a heavy paper, or cardstock, some double stick tape, or a little bit of glue, and a pair of scissors. I've also made a pattern of a heart. You can make a pattern yourself or you can just cut the heart. We're going to start by folding the paper in quarters. So, first match your corners exactly, top to top. Hold on to that, and just fold to the back, and crease that nicely. And then again, you're going to match your corners exactly, and hold that in place, and just kind of rub your hand along, and crease the whole card. Okay, make sure it's nicely creased. And then we're going to open that up and fold it in half the long way, okay. Now this is where you can use a pattern, or you can, or you can just cut it if you're a good heart cutter. And we're going to cut only to here, and leave a space, and then cut from here. So, here we go, and then so I've stopped right here. And now I'm going to cut from the bottom, and go, but not cutting all the way through. Okay, we remove our pattern and now fold the heart to the side like that, and crease it. And then you're going to fold the card back the way it was, and reverse the folds on the sides, and carefully close it. And just make sure everything is creased and nice and flat. And that's your heart card.


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