How to Make a Double Treble Crochet Stitch

Learn how to make a double treble crochet stitch with expert tips and advice on crochet stitches in this free craft video series.

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Video Transcript

We are now going to demonstrate a double treble crochet which is a very, very tall stitch. So when you get to the end of your row like before when we did the treble, for this one you are going to chain 4 and again when you do the chains at the beginning or at the end depending on how you look at it, that is going to count as your first stitch on your next row. So we are doing 4 here. Now what we are going to do before we wrap around 2 times, this time we are wrapping around 3 times. So we are going to go into our first stitch which is right here, go through, go through like that and you will have 1,2,3,4 and 5 on your stitch. Wrap around, going to pull through 2. Again, you are going to wrap around and pull through 2 again. Wrap around, pull through 2 again and wrap around and pull through 2 again. That is a very, very tall stitch. That is your double treble. So again, you wrap around 3 times. Go into your next little chain link; it's always at the top and go through and pull it through like so. We are going to have 5 on your hook now. Now you are going to pull through 2 but you are not going to be eliminating the 2 stitches. You will actually only be eliminating 1. So you pull through 2 and the one you pull through leaves 1 left so now you have 4. So again, wrap around and pull through 2, bring this down to 3 stitches, wrap around pull it again down to 2 stitches. Wrap it around again, pull through once more and finally down to 1 and there's our nice tall double treble crochet stitch. So wrap around 3 times and repeat what we did before. Underneath the chain and pull it on through. Wrap around and pull through 2, wrap around pull through 2, wrap around pull through 2 again and your last two like so. Isn't that pretty?


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