How to Make a Treble Crochet Stitch

Learn how to make a treble crochet stitch with expert tips and advice on crochet stitches in this free craft video series.

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Video Transcript

Now we've already covered a chain stitch, a single and a half double and double. Now when you are going to do a treble stitch, you are going to chain 3 at the end of your row that you have just finished. Three of these chains is kind of equivalent to about the size of a treble crochet. So that will count as your first stitch. You are going to wrap it around 2 times before you begin your stitch and you are going to go into the little chain link that you made that is always at the top of your rows and you go ahead and pull it through. Now you are going to have 4 on your hook. So you are going to wrap around, pull through 2 and you have 3 left. Wrap around and pull through 2 again. It's getting taller. You are going to wrap around again, pull it through 2 and that is your treble crochet. As you can see, it is a much taller stitch than the other stitches. It is kind of fun when you do a row of each and compare them and see how they look. You see your chain here, you see your single, see your half double and your double. So we are going to wrap it around 2 times again always coming from behind. You are always going to go under your chain link there. You can go in, pull it through from behind. You've got 4 on your hook, wrap it around, pull it through 2, wrap around again and pull it through 2, and wrap it around again and pull through 2 and wrap around again and that is it. Go around again. Wrap it around 2 times, push it through here, go ahead and bring it around from behind. Now you have again 4 on your hook. Pull it through 2 bring it from behind, pull through 2 bring from behind again and your last two and that is your treble crochet.


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