How to Properly Set Up Lighting in Your Home Office

Artificial and natural light can both illuminate a home office. Learn more in this free educational video series.

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Video Transcript

I'm going to talk to about lighting your home office. It can be much more difficult to keep yourself motivated and awake if you're working in a dim light. And it isn't very good for your eyesight. If you have any choice at all, make sure that the room that you use for your home office has plenty of natural light. If you can't have natural light, make sure you have enough artificial lighting. Try to avoid florescent lights because the goal is to make it feel like you're not working in a real office. You're working in a home office, fill in your office with soft warm light, it will make you much more comfortable and that will make you much more productive. Having lights near your desk is also important, it's not good to be starring at your computer screen all the time and if you have lights surrounding your computer screen, you're much likely to look away every once in a while. It's also good to have light sources on different levels. If all your lights is coming from overhead, again you can feel like you're in an office. So having some lights that are a little bit lower and others that are higher above make sure that everything is well lit and it just makes the space more comfortable in general. Although it might seem like a minor detail the way that you light your office is actually very important it can make a big difference in your productivity level.


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