How to Cut Succulent Plants for Propagation

Learn how to cut succulent plants for propagation with tips from an expert in this free gardening clip.

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Video Transcript

Alright, next I want to demonstrate how to take cuttings of a succulent. So, I'm going to cut, I just want it to be like a, not that long, it just needs to be an inch or two. So, I'm just going to stick my scissors in there and just cut, so I have a little cutting. This one is a little easier, it's not as leafy. This is a jade plant right here. This is a fuzzy one, I'm going to try the fuzzy one. So there, I'm cutting and they're all about the same size. And then I have this big plant where the plants are a lot bigger, so I'm going to see, these are kind of too tight and too big, but I'm looking here and I see these ones, they're a little smaller and look like they might be a little easier to cut. So, I can stick my snips in here or a knife might even be easier but, let me try this. I have a cutting.


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