How to Clean Hard Wood Floors

Cleaning hardwood floors can restore them to their original luster, get expert house cleaning and housekeeping tips in this free video.

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Video Transcript

My name is Paige and today we are talking about the best way to clean your wood floors. There are several steps to cleaning your wood floors. What you want to do first is vacuum; sweep your baseboards on your wood floors picking up all the particles that might be there. The second and perhaps most effective way to efficiently clean your wood floors are to actually mop them. Now I like to use Murphy’s Oil Soap. It is a wood floor cleaner that is safe to use on your wood floors. I have two different mops for my house. I have one for my tile floors and I have one for my wood floors and I like to keep them separate because this is greasier and I don’t want this on my tile floors or else they are going to be slippery so I use a mop specifically for my wood floors. Now what you are going to want to do is fill your bucket with warm water. I’m only going to fill it up about halfway and I am going to pour and use one cup full of cleaner in my water. I want to make sure that my mop has been cleaned out and I have already done that and then I am ready to go.


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