How to Add Oil to a Pressure Washer

Learn how to add oil to a pressure washer in this free educational video series.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Mathew Christian from Tampa, Florida on behalf Expert Village. Today I'd like to talk to you about the proper use and maintenance of a pressure washer. This particular pressure washer is a commercial grade electric pressure washer. It is approximately three times more expensive than your typical household pressure washer that you might find at your local do it yourself store or your home improvement store. This one is really intended for your every day, long term use. Your household smaller pressure washers that you may use buy at your home improvement stores don't have some of the features that this one does. One particular feature this unit has is you can check the oil in the pump. From time to time you will find it necessary to change that oil just like you would do in your car. Again the household smaller pressure washers that you will find at your do it yourself warehouse, they don't have a reservoir that you can change the oil. On this particular one they have a cap on the top, which I may need a wrench to get off. You would take the cap off, some of them have a dipstick underneath the cap that you would check the level of the oil. The others have an eye that allows you to check the level, and if you can see this eye here there is a dot in the middle you want your oil level to run right in the center of that eye. That would show a proper oil level. You can't use any old oil in your pressure washer, there is a specific oil for pressure washers. The reason for that is, there are additives in the oil there is corrosion inhibitors, also anti foaming agents. I am sure there are some various other things, but most pressure washers commercial duty like this you want to use a specific oil in the crank case designed for that particular pump manufacturer. This one is a kat pump, so we have some kat crank case oil for pressure washers here, our oil level is fine so we don't need to do anything with that it's been changed recently. We are good to go.


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