How to Fold Bath & Hand Towels in your Bathroom

Learn tips and techniques on how to fold hand and bath towels when organizing the bathroom of your home in this free video on home organization.

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Video Transcript

Now I am going to talk about folding and how it pertains to an organized bathroom. A lot of people of course know how to fold towels, but I am going to show you what I like to call the hotel towel fold and it is a little bit nicer than a regular towel fold. So what you do is out of the drier, so it doesn’t get too wrinkly as you just fold your towel in half in area. You want to pinpoint where you think the middle of the towel really rests and then you want to bring in each side to meet that middle point and what this type of folding does is as you can see gives you that beautiful, luxurious all corners in look as opposed to seeing the little tag and everything that hangs out. This is nice when you have guests and stuff come over. You can put this type of a fold out for your towels on a counter, or it looks really great inside of a linen closet. Now I am going to move on to other sizes of towels. So for a washcloth I always like to make sure that when I get them, I cut off all the tags, except for who made the tags just in case you want to get more to match because as you know if you have different colors of towels that can fade and can also get stained with bleach, so I like to always have white towels in my bathroom because of that reason. So washcloth folds very simple just like that and then what we do is you just set it on a stack like so, so that it presents a nice hand towel. So the last towel that I am going to show you how to fold is the hand towel. So out of the drier you really want to take these towels and fold them right away because they are going to be your display towel for guests and if they have any sort of ribbing or anything right here, you want to give this a quick tug on each side so that these match up with it being flush and so you don’t get a bowed towel because I am going to show you how that affects it once we fold this. So then just put it down on a clean surface and then we want to fold both sides in, like so and making sure that you leave about an inch strip in the middle where the two sides don’t meet. So now because we tug those sides everything is all matched up and looking really really good and then we just keep in mind where the tag is when we fold this over and so that tags at the back, and try to remember that so that when I hang this hand towel on the rack, the tag is in the back and then you can put two towels right next to each other.


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