How to Organize Hair & Makeup Products in the Bathroom

Learn tips and techniques on how to organize your hair and makeup products in the bathroom of your home in this free video on home organization.

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Video Transcript

Getting ready in the morning, especially if you are a woman, can be a treacherous feat if you have a disorganized bathroom. So I am going to talk to you a little bit about some quick and easy tips just for keeping your hair and makeup organized. So here what I have done is I have taken extra brushes and big curlers and just put them in one of those bags that came with you know one of those sheet sets so that way you know all the hair and everything that is yucky stays into a bag which you clean out you know every three months or so and you can just grab your brushes out of there. And then everything else should just stay nicely next to it and you just wind your cables up like that, that come with these and the trick really is having a deep drawer lower down as usually one of the deeper drawers are made in bathroom cabinets and also not overstocking it. So just remember purge when you get something new. If you get a new hair curler get rid of an old one and if you get a new brush you get rid of an old brush. Now we look at the makeup, this is a beautiful organized drawer full of makeup and this is going to be an easy way to see what you have and also I can reach every single bit of makeup within this drawer just with my hand; there is no pulling, there is no tugging, it is simple to access. Also I like the clear containers because you can tell when your containers are starting to get a little dirty from the makeup and the eye shadow that comes out the containers. We also have the entire grab and go lip gloss area right here. We have lipsticks all in a line, so that you can see which brand name they are, so that you can tell which color you want and then I have also instead of, if you have an eye shadow that is difficult to see what type of color it is, you flip it over so that you can see the label on the bottom of it. So these can be flipped over like this and you have it.


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