How to Troubleshoot Problems with a Shop Vac

Learn how to tackle many common shop vac problems in this free educational video series.

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Video Transcript

In this video clip, I'll be taking about troubleshooting your shop vac. The first problem that we have is our shop vac won't turn on when we hit the on button. The best way to figure this out is to trace the cord and see if there's a loose connection anywhere. It looks like the cord got partially unplugged, so we are going to go ahead and plug that back in, then test it. Our next problem is that there's no suction when I'm trying to vacuum. Now if you're doing a wet pickup operation, there is a good chance that the foam sleeve is probably clogged. What you want to do is remove that and wash that out then reinstalling it. If you're going a dry pickup operation and there is a loss of suction, it could be because the dry filter itself is clogged. You want to take that out and clean that.


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