How to Use the Wet Pickup Operation of a Shop Vac

Learn how to use the wet pickup operation of a shop vac in this free educational video series.

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Video Transcript

In this video clip, I'll be taking about wet pickup operations. When switching from dry to wet pickup operations, there is a couple of procedures we need to go through first. Depress the side buttons and remove that motor housing from the tank, next we need to dump out any debris that may be inside of the tank. After that, we need to remove the retaining ring that is holding our dry filter on and pull that dry filter off as well and then just reassemble your unit. There is a couple of things you need to do when you're finished with all wet pickup operations. First of all you need to remove the foam sleeve and wash it out, clean it and let it dry completely. Next you need to rinse out your tank, wash it thoroughly to make sure to get any debris out from that. If you don't do this and leave wet material inside of there and within a couple of days, it's going to begin to smell really bad and you're going to get a lot of build up of bacteria. You probably have to replace your foam sleeve cause it will get pretty nasty.


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