How to Remove the Old Shower Head

Learn how to remove the old shower head before installing the new one in this free home improvement video clip on DIY shower head installation.

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Video Transcript

Hi! I am Drew Fenn professional home inspector. Today, we are going to install a shower head and I will show you how and the video is produced by Black Dog Video. You can visit on the Internet. We are going to remove the existing shower head. Now, this one is loose enough I can do with by hand, but if its too tight you are going to need a wrench to get it off. If you have either a pipe wrench or some channel locks you can use that to take it off, but remember counter clockwise loosens things, so if you had to use the channel locks, use grab it on squeeze tightly and go around. You don’t want to slip too much because it could take the finish off the shower head if you are going to use it again. The pipe wrench you adjust the height this way, you want so it clamps on, there is still a little bit of gap here then when you tighten it, it is going to tighten up and loosen it. So, that is loose enough that we can take it off. Now, what we want to do is after we take it off we want to clean off the residual Teflon tape that is on there. You can usually get most of it off your hands, if you need to you could use a wire brush to get it really cleaner, actually even a toothbrush could work to clean it off if you don’t have a wire brush.


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