How to Start a Husqvarna Chainsaw

Learn how to start a Husqavarna chainsaw in this free educational video.

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Video Transcript

Today we are going to talk about how to use and maintain a chainsaw. Now starting a chainsaw, different ones or different but I will show you how to do the Husky and I will tell you how the other ones are done. Actually I will pull out the steel and show you. I disconnected the spark plug so that it won't fire so you could hear me talking. On a Husky, we have a choke which we pull. When we pull the choke, the kill switch here comes off. Also on a Husky, there is a button here that we push in. That cuts down the compression so that it is easier to pull to start. You always want to make sure that it is clear underneath here, that you have your safety goggles on, you have your ear protection on, your gloves on and you are all ready to go. I don't want you starting the saw and having you to put anything on. I've got the plug off so it is not going to start but basically you want to make sure your foot is in here, your hand is on here and the chain is clear. We don't have brush or anything else or it's not hitting the ground. Remember if we hit the ground with a tip when this thing is running, it is going to dull our chain. Now we've got a good grip on it. This isn't going to go anywhere and you just pull it till it starts to kick over. It starts to kick over your pushing the choke, the next pull is going to fire for you. SO we are all set to cut. That is how you start the Husky.


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