How to Replace a Chainsaw Chain

Learn how to replace a chainsaw chain in this free educational video.

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Video Transcript

Today we are going to talk about how to use and maintain a chainsaw. We will demonstrate on how to take the chain off now. Usually you take it off if you are bringing it somewhere to be sharpened or if you had a new one to put on. Similar procedure for some reason it came off during operation. You will have to undo things just as we are doing now. The only difference is the chain is going to be sort of hanging. So let's go to take this apart. We need our universal wrench and what we will do is loosen these bolts. Once you get them loose, you can close them off with your hands if you like. So unscrew this and we pull the cover off. Almost all of them are universally the same. Now we can see the adjustment screw right here, as we turn, this the entire bar will come in so we want to loosen this screw. As we are doing it, you can see the chain is getting very loose. It is nice and loose and now we can get over the end of the sprocket and undo it. Now we could take it off the base sprocket also. The chain is free and we can remove the bar also by taking it off like this and we've got the bar free. Now every time I change the chain, I flip the bar out over the other way so that the wear pattern stays the same.


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