How to Tighten the Chain on a Chainsaw

Learn how to tighten or loosen the chain on your chainsaw to achieve the perfect tension in this free educational video.

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Video Transcript

Today we are going to talk about how to use and maintain a chainsaw. Now we will talk about tightening the chain and keeping a good tension. If it is too tight and it overheats the bar and the bar expands, could cease up. If it is too loose, it could fly off and obviously cause damage to you in the chainsaw. So what we want to do is get it when it is cool, it's got some play. There is a little too much play in this so I am going to show you how to take up some of the tension in it. First we've got to do is unloosen these nuts here and once they are off, we can start tensioning it. Most chainsaws are the same way. This one has a screw down here, most of them have a screw here and some of them screw in different areas but you do have a screw to adjust just depending on the model. So what we want to do is turn it clockwise and that will tighten the chain. If you can see it tightening when I do it. That is about what we want; about this much. Now one thing if you've had to tighten a lot of it, what you want to do is lift up on the blade with your glove, lift up on the blade and then check the tension. Once it is all set, we will re-snug these bolts down, good and snug and go back and forth several times on them so that we know it is tight and the tool you use is obviously the one that comes with the chainsaw. So once it is all set, we are going now. You should keep an eye on what that is when you are chainsawing and if it looks like it is getting loose or something, shut everything off and tighten it because we want a correct tension. Or if it is getting too tight, obviously we want it loose. So if your saw starts to loose power, stop it. That might be one thing that is doing it.


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