How to Replace a Toilet Fill Valve

A professional handyman shows how to replace your toilet fill valve in this free online home improvement and DIY home repair video.

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Video Transcript

We’re going to replace the fill valve on your toilet. I’m going to recommend a certain model which you cannot mix if you go to the home store. It’s pretty universal and it adjusts to all heights, which may have been the problem with your old one. By twisting this you can adjust the level that the water will go to before this floats and then shuts off the water. This is a great model to use, so I’m going to show you how to replace the old one with this new one.

What you’ll want to do is cut off the water to the supply line as we’ve demonstrated before, and remove the supply line. So, to remove the old one, all you do is loosen the nut at the bottom to which the supply line was connected. That’s the only thing holding the refill valve in place. And you lift it out, change it out, and here’s the one that goes in its place.

Now, the only components to this are the tube which goes in. And then once it goes through under the tank, you’re going to put this lock nut in place and tighten it as much as you can by hand, and then with a pair of pliers, give it an extra turn or two to secure it in place. And then, after that, you put the little one washer in the bottom, and then this over the top, which is the supply line connection.

You’ll then reconnect this tube to the over-flow tube, and you’re set.


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